fake Bitcoin investment site promises 4,000% ROI

fake Bitcoin investment site

According to the website, the so-called “Bitcoin Profit” uses celebrity endorsements as part of its marketing strategy.

The site,, has testimonies from the likes of actress Kate Winslet and Australian businessman Andrew Forrest.

With alleged backing from Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Bill Gates, Bitcoin Profit is one of the scams to emerge from the cryptocurrency world.

All the celebrities have a feature with their photograph, along with a balance sheet of alleged investments in Bitcoin and associated returns.

The balance sheet appears identical for each celebrity, with only the currency symbol changing. In one week , scammers claim buying $10,394 worth of BTC netted a return of $421,226.

Winslet, whom United Kingdom-based daily news outlet the Mirror informed about the scam, subsequently hit back, complaining about the use of her image without permission along with the false statements.

The publication quoted a spokesperson as saying: “This misleading promotion is completely disingenuous and categorically false. We are dealing with this through the appropriate channels,”

Scammers are really exploring the lack of technical know how about cryptocurrencies which is currently surrounding the crypto world.

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