Elon Musk and Tesla CFO adopts new title as the Technoking and Master of Coin.

The love the Tesla CEO in the person of Elon Musk is so real. People have adopted a new official title for him and also one of the Tesla executive after making their filings atr the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Technoking of Tesla, is the new name given to Elon Musk starting from March, 15 while Master coin is the name given to Tesla Chief Finance officer and this can be deduced at the 8-k from filed with United States SEC, which provides that the titles of Elon Musk will carry the title officially of ‘Technoking of Tesla’ while  Zack Kirkhorn, the chief financial officer will officially be known as ‘Master Coin.

Musk and Kirkhorn are to retain their respective positions as CEO and chief finance officer respectively.

There have been various speculation as to why the duo adopted the name, because there was no vestige sign as regards to that on twitter.

The spot price of bitcoin was increased to $3,000 in the early February and this happened within minutes when Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin (BTC) and the aforementioned sent the price of the coin to a novel all-time high in the process.

Pathetically, the title of the world richest man was taken away from Elon Musk after a sharp dip in the value of bitcoin. Though a resurgent coin returned healthy profits to Musk and company. So neither of  bitcoin nor Tesla was badly affected.

Bitcoin has once surged to a new time high, which was on March 15th and even when the coin for the first time in history flirted with the $60,000


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