Ethereum Network to Scale 100x- Vitalik Buterin

The co-founder of Ethereum in the person of Vitalik Buterin has posited that the Ethereum network is at the point of 100X and which is premised on the its two layer solution that is in prospect.

As a guest at the Tim Ferris Poscast, he opined that there  is great hope in debuting their first mainnet soon and the mainnet will alow users to make use of the layer two solution for scaling which they have waited for so long.

Furthermore, Butterin further submitted that they are very optimistic because Rollers will soon be here and that they are very confident that any more scaling is needed that the sharding must have been available for long prior to that time.

For transactions to be buddle and stored on specified sidechains, rollups are needed because by so doing the burden on the network of Ethereum is reduced and the protocol’s scalability is increase.

However, the comments of Buterin came in at time of gas fees rising on the network of Ethereum and thereby pushing some projects in crypto to find alternative for a native blockchain protocol.

There will be an increase in the scalability of Ethereum by 100x according to Buterin and that gives the users a reason to be happy before sharding is released.

Finally, Buterin concluded that the thing to have in  mind, is that ones a user doesn’t have sharding but have roll-up, the user still have the 100x right for scaling. There is still the capacity of the blockchain rising to somewhere between 1,000 and 4, 000 in their trasanctions a second and which depends on the complex nature of these transactions.




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