Following sudden resignation Crypto users demand reinstatement of Pakistani government adviser

Crypto users demand reinstatement of Pakistani government adviser

An online campaign has been ignited by myriads of Social Media in order to persuade the prime minister of Pakistan Imram Khan to bring back Zia Ullah Bangash, a pro-crypto adviser.

Bangash has announced that he will resign his position as the information, science and technology adviser to Mahmood Khan, the chief minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province

On the reason for his resignation, Bangash opined that his reponsibiities in his constituency and unavoidable circumstances are the reasons he is leaving his advisory role. Prior to his aforementioned role, he served as provincial assembly member of Khyber Paktunkhwa or KP. Though the resignation is yet to be accepted by Khan.

The sudden departure of a figure many crypto users in Pakistan seemingly considered a proponent for blockchain and digital currency projects prompted a swift backlash from Twitter users. Within hours of Bangash’s announcement, many had gotten the hashtag “WeWantZiaBangashBack” trending in the country with more than 23,900 tweets. Some threatened to withhold votes from PM Imran Khan in the next election, expected in 2023.

“He is the only one in politics who understands the crypto and technology,” said Asad Shah, tagging the PM’s Twitter account.

“[Zia Bangash was the] only person who helped getting [sic] crypto back to our country,” said Yasen Ali. “We want Zia Bangash back. @ImranKhanPTI Bring him or we won’t vote you next time.”

Others speculated on the reasons for the sudden resignation, with many alleging local mafia groups may have pressured Bangash to leave in an attempt to stymie the country promoting innovative technology. Among them was crypto advocate and influencer Waqar Zaka, who previously helped set up a federal committee to create cryptocurrency policy in the region.

“The person who got crypto in [KP] and working [sic] hard to get Facebook Monetization on in PAK, resigned, do you know why?” said Zaka. “Cuz there are stupids in Govt who don’t want to do anything and will stop anyone like Zia too. We want him back @ImranKhanPTI.”


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