Fractionalized NFT Projects gathers Momentum

Recently, there are two new projects that tend to bring Non-fungible tokens to the masses by dividing them apart.

In 2021, Crypto art and Non-fungible tokens have taken the industry by storm and myriads of projects are targeted to fractionalize pieces of NFTS and which will enable collectors’ to gain incomplete ownership to pieces of NFts.

Following so many ground breaking sales that are beyond the reach of most investors, projects that break apart or fractionalize, non-fungible tokens are gaining interest.

Beeple’s ‘Everyday: The first 5000 Days’ which worth $70 million, was bought by  Metakovan through NFT fund. Ordinarily, nobody could have thought of bidding  in such profligacy, if nit NFTs.

It is important to state that after a concept called Fractional Non-Fungible Tokens (F-NFTs) was envisioned in 2018 as a way to give shared ownership, it became imperative and an approach that owning just a portion of a piece of digital art is more appealing  to collectors.

In order to aid NFT owners to mint tokenized fractional ownership of their pieces facilitating the buying and selling percentages of the full, NFT, a new decentralized project called fractional will be used. Also, for the holder of NFT holder to realize some liquidity from their asset, without selling the whole piece, fractionalizing allows for the NFT holder to realize some liquidity.

There will be fractionalization of the entire collections of NFTs through the platform and which will be released under the auspices of one shared ownership token and which will permit  novice in NFT to invest in digital art.



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