From institutional managers, Cardano sees largest weekly inflows — CoinShares

Highlighting the growth of proof-of-stake assets amid the latest wave of environmental FUD in the markets, Institutional inflows into Cardano (ADA) investment products rose sharply last week even as interest in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) waned.

According to CoinShares. Cardano investment funds attracted more capital than any other digital asset, Institutional investment managers bought $10 million worth of ADA products for the week ending May 24.

During the same week. Ether outflows totaled $12.6 million and by comparison Bitcoin funds saw an outflow of $110.9 million during the same week..

According to CoinShares, Investors poured $5.5 million into Polkadot funds and $7.1 million into multi-asset investment products

Cardano investment products have drawn $24 million in institutional assets compared with $4.13 billion for Bitcoin and $924 million for Ether, in the year to date.

Against Bitcoin for the sudden pivot towards proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies like Cardano, CoinShares credited environmental blowback.

The fund manager explained:

“Cardano saw the largest inflows of US$10m, which may represent investors actively choosing proof of stake coins based on environmental considerations.”

Bitcoin’s flash crash to below $30,000 last week triggered a tidal wave of selling in the market, as Ether, Cardano and every other major altcoin made new local bottoms. As CoinShares noted, Bitcoin volumes on exchanges surged to $155 billion last week, a new all-time high. Markets appeared to be in recovery mode on Monday, though it’s still too premature to declare a bottom.

ADA was among the top-performing cryptos before the market tanked last week. The cryptocurrency made successive highs as it pierced above $2.00 en route to new highs closer to $2.40.


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