Funds For Women Club Stokvel – Join, Register, How it works, South Africa

Funds For Women Club Stokvel – Join, Register, How it works, South Africa

According to Bandy Yekela on Facebook,

“Funds For Women is a black woman stokvel where women across South Africa pay R100 each month. We currently have 266 members and after 5 months, our balance is R124 000!

The money is held UNTOUCHED in an interest earning stokvel account for a year and after that we as a collective decide whether or not to buy a business, buy shares, buy properties, fund businesses etc.
Funds For Women is open to every black woman in South Africa who would like to generate wealth for themselves. We aim to continue each year and increase our contribution slightly each year so that we can acquire new assets each year, forever!

We have 4 signatories, 9 committee members & a constitution. This is an exciting initiative! We have a facebook group “Funds For Women” which you can join once you’ve paid.
You can also follow us on twitter: @funds_for_women

If you’d like to join our family please make payment into this account :

747 303 80909

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This is our 5th month so you will have to pay R500 (to catch up with October, November, December, January & February). Then from March go back to paying R100 each month.
Once you’ve made payment, you will be added onto our facebook group and you can start interacting with the other members and see what we do. Hope to see you!

For further enquirers, Whatsapp – 072 097 1653″

Update – Many women are reportedly part of this stokvel now. Try to be part of it but verify before participating.

There are no negative complaints yet with regards to this stokvel. They operate majorly from Facebook and Whatsapp.

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