Google Chrome Quiz Contest And Survey – Scam Alert

Google Chrome Quiz Contest And Survey – Scam Alert

Any mail telling you to take part in a Google Chrome Quiz contest or survey in order to win an Apple Iphone 8, Nexus, Sony Play Station or some other prizes is a scam. Google currently does not have a Google Chrome Quiz contest or survey, offering its users a chance to win prizes going on. Scammers are using fake quizzes and contests to trick their potential victims into disclosing their personal and financial information. They will subsequently use all these information to steal from you.

The scammers also make their potential customers to complete surveys that they the scammers will get paid for. The victims on the other hand, will not receive the prizes that they were promised.

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You are putting yourself at risk when you take part in the surveys and provide them with your personal and financial information.

Anybody who has entered his or her bank or credit card details should contact his or her bank ASAP.

NB – Any email that tells you to pay a certain amount of money to get what they claim that you have won is from online scammers.

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