Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Survey – Scam Alert

Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Survey – Scam Alert

If a survey with this title of a similar title “Google FREE Apple iPhone X Visitor Browser Opinion” comes to your mail or Inbox just ignore it. This is just a trick to get people to purchase products, services, complete questionnaires or surveys, by pretending to offer them rewards which are actually advertisements. The Chrome Opinion Survey is not associated with Google. The website that displays the survey will receive compensation for the products or services that they have tricked people to buy.

The aim of the fake Google survey being sent by scammers is to make online users think they will get a reward for taking it, but the rewards shown at the end of the survey are advertisements that the people who have created the survey will get paid for, once the online users purchase the products or services that are being advertised.

The email usually come in this form”

Dear user, congratulations!

We want to thank you for being a loyal Google user! Your IP address has been randomly selected to receive a FREE Apple iPhone X.

From time to time we select a handful of Google users to give them the opportunity to receive valuable gifts from our partners and sponsors. This is our way of thanking you for choosing Google as your preferred search engine.

Today is your lucky day! You are one of the 10 randomly selected users who will receive this gift.

To receive your gift, you simply have to complete our short and anonymous survey. But hurry! There are only a few gifts available today!

How satisfied are you with Google?


Some might even make you to enter your credit card details which will now be used by them to accomplish a fraudulent aim.

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Please don’t forget to update us with regards to any suspected fraud for review via [email protected].

Beware!! Many people have been duped and they died from the loss. Do not fall a victim.

Watch and reflect on the video below:

Update – There are many online scams going on around the globe … never release your email login details to anyone. Stay woke and be wise …

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