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  1. Some clarifications are obviously in order.

    The owners, and management, are all clearly noted on both the website and the white paper. There is no subterfuge here.

    Further, the notion that this is a ponzi scheme is absurd. GTCoin is being sold to a) raise funds to scale the GameTester platform — which has been operating for more than 2 years and has in excess of 150,000 users — and b) to increase the exchangability of the rewards that are offered to our valued testers for providing feedback on the games that they play. As we have announced, agreements are in place to enable holders of GTCoin to exchange those coins for gaming hardware, software, and other goods. We anticipate further announcements along these lines over the coming weeks.

    We do offer a reward to our token holders for referring us on to others. This is clearly something we value, and we believe that it should be rewarded.

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