What happened to Vortex profits – Details

What happened to Vortex profits – Details

Vortex profits suddenly went offline trapping many people’s funds. Now the point is this … Vortex profits is a Ponzi scheme which hid under the umbrella of MLM website operating in the area of Gold and other expensive stuffs mining.

There was no known or verified source of income entering Vortex profits because the Gold mining which they claimed to be into was not verified.

So it follows that the only source of funds entering Vortex profits which was used to pay ROI was funds raised from new affiliates. Have ever wondered how they make such money to pay ROIs ..??

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In a Ponzi scheme, once there is a reduction in the number of new affiliates, the scheme winds up or shuts down and the admins disappear with the money left in the vault.


  1. 24th February 2018, I have vortexprofits withdraw my business but now you have not payment
    why don’t payment stop. I am waiting for vortexprofits payment receive.please as soon as posible
    paid them

    Thanks & Regard


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