Holders Prepare for Upside move as Sushiswap introduces new products

Bentobox and Kashi lending are now being introduced into the crypto market by Decentralized Exchange, SushiSwap.

Bentobox and Kashi lending will give the users of the platform opportunity to maximize their earnings.

According to statement released by Sushiswap, serving as a decentralized App store, users can deposit their assets within it to enable other Dapps. Also  on the other hand, a merging trading platform, powered by its lending protocol, Kashi is the first Dapp within Bentobox, and which wide range of token pairs can be developed by its users and which is done by the users to optimize returns.

According to the announcement, flash loans an other strategies that build on the product will be aided by BentoBox to allow users generate profits. An instrument that will aid the users of tokens stored in Bentobox is Kashi.

The announcement by Sushishwap is in consonance with Ali Martinez data, an analyst, which he shared and which shows that there is increase in Sushiswap development activities since last week, developmental activities haave been increasing since the beginning of March until reaching a peak on the 13th of this month.


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