How big of a problem is Bitcoin theft?

Why wouldn’t you invest in cryptocurrencies? Virtually untraceable digital assets such as Bitcoin have turned into a sort of surefire investment opportunity. Well, almost. Crypto business is indeed booming, but the number of crypto scams is on the rise. In 2018, fraudulent crypto projects have cost investors and crypto enthusiasts estimated $725 million in hard currency.

From Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) scams to hacking e-wallets and phones, crypto users are becoming aware of a simple fact – Bitcoin is vulnerable. The only way for users and investors to address this inherent vulnerability is to educate themselves. This is where the Bitcoin infographic with mind-blowing facts will come in handy. Find out about all the crypto frauds and scams that plague users and learn how to steer clear from them.

How big of a problem is Bitcoin theft?

Source – ICOpulse

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