HTC Smartphone Built-in Wallet for Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin website announced a partnership with HTC to support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on its flagship smartphones.

In a press release on September 16th, announced that the website and HTC would begin a long-term partnership which will see the HTC Exodus 1 will provide built-in wallet support for Bitcoin Cash.

The website states that the phone supports BCH without having to download a BCH wallet from an app store. Current users will need to update their software to receive a wallet.

TechCrunch had reported that HTC’s share of the mobile phone is in the barest minimum. Forbes reported that the firm held a meager 1% market share in 2018.

Come 2019 however, the company has become increasingly involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces. HTC has added various forms of cryptocurrency operability to its devices, having introduced in-wallet ERC-20 token swaps on the Exodus 1 phone in May. Also in May, the company announced that the Exodus 1S would contain Bitcoin (BTC) full node capabilities. The firm has also partnered with various blockchain-oriented companies.