Important facts about Kesef farms and Kesef Tokens

Kesef Farms

Acknowledging that farming the greatest luctrative products of DeFi industry, Kesef has made it a priority to make it simpler with enough happiness for users.

Also, farming can be done on myriads of pools on different DeFi products from the Kesef App for advanced users. On the other polarity, algorithm does the dirty work for beginners.

Interestingly, the app automatically routes your fund from one pool to another when it detects higher APY, with auto farming. When it comes to farming, the design of the algorithm is made in such a way that the best deal is gotten. As the algorithm tracks different farming pools on different blcokchains and routes your fund without any complexity at your end, cross-chain compatibility plays a vital role.

Kesef Token (KSF)

KSF is the native token of all Kesef products. It’s a governance token that gives rights to its holders in decision-making. On launch, users will be able to earn KSF through liquidity mining. Also, cross-chain compatibility will be achieved only through KSF token. In simple terms, KSF token will be the gateway to the entire DeFi industry using just one mobile application.

The initial stage referred to as “Fast Start” will last for 4 weeks, or precisely 864,000 blocks. Emissions in Phase 1 will start at 1694.82 KSF per day, and it will decrease by 2.5% daily until the reward is at 797.04 KSF per day. Around 28% of the total supply will be allotted to farmers to bootstrap liquidity. 

There is a fee in place when entering a vault that can be up to 2% on deposit. However, there is no fee for withdrawing from the vaults, solely a deposit fee. The collected fees from the Vaults will be used to buy back and burn KSF Token. This buy-back is currently inactive, but it makes KSF a deflationary token once released.

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