Innosilicon’s giant data center for Mining Bitcoin Burns

Innosilicon data center Bitcoin

After the Bitcoin network experienced a harsh market on September 30th, evidence emerged of a fire destroying a $10 million worth of mining rigs.

Marshall Long, tweeted that one of the first active Bitcoin miners, mining company Innosilicon’s giant data center began burning on Monday. A video later appeared showing the machines reportedly continuing to run despite being on fire.

Dovey Wan, a founding partner at crypto asset holding company Primitive Ventures, said that the total worth of equipment involved is around $10 million.

Innosilicon is yet to make any public comments on this as at press time.

Commentators on social media said the fire was to be blamed for a reported drop in Bitcoin’s hash rate.

Estimates of network computing power involved in processing transactions dropped from 86 quintillion hashes per second (h/s) to 82 quintillion h/s on the day it happened.

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