John Dalby of Bridgewater Associates heads to Bitcoin-focused firm

John Dalby will assume the post of chief financial officer for Bitcoin-focused tech and finance company NYDIG, after departing his positions as the chief financial officer of Bridgewater Associates.

Robert Gutmann, the NYDIG CEO and co-founder  said in a public statement released on Friday, “The NYDIG team and I are extremely excited to welcome John,”

He also stated that:

“His kindness, curiosity, and humility, combined with his deep financial services experience, are a perfect match for NYDIG as we continue to build institutional Bitcoin solutions. Working on Bitcoin is increasingly what many of the best and brightest employees seek – including industry leaders like John – and NYDIG is uniquely positioned to offer them the platform, resources, and culture to shine, in pursuit of our collective mission to bring Bitcoin safely to everyone.”

Founded in 1975 by famous investor Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates operates as a mainstream powerhouse investment management entity. NYDIG, a younger company focused on Bitcoin, has made a number of headlines this year, including garnering funding to the tune of $100 million.

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