King Leon releases as Album as Non-fungible Token

King Leon made a surprise announcement this week, when he opined that he will be releasing his eight album as a non-fungible token and this has been taken by reporters as the most interesting report this week on non-fungible token

According to King Leon, the three types of Non fungible taken that are offered in his eight album are the chance to hang out with the band before show, a personal driver and the exceptional part of it all is a front row seat to the Kings of Leon concert for life.


Apart from King Leon, there have been exceptional activities on the NFT and of which the extra-ordinary one of them all is 205 ETH, that went under the hammer this week by Homer Pepe  and which this worth about $ 323,000 for now.


Artist have embraced NFT, on Rarible about 100 different artist sold out NFT, which is made of 100 individual pieces within some minutes.

As regards to Asvegotchis,, the Tamagotchi devices that were trending in the late 1990s and early 2000s were taken up under some minutes and this was made possible by NFT.


Also, as regards to NBA, NFT continues to make top sales, according to the executive chairman of the Sports merchandise company Fanatics, in the person of Michael Rubin, he opined that ‘the whole NFT in the entertainment industry is a frenzy happening in recent times’

Flowing from the words of  Michael Rubin on ‘NFT Frenzy happening in the entertainment industry’  Banksy main work has recently been burned and converted into an NFT.  As an an art of Irony,. The aforementioned piece is titled ‘Morons and which portray buyers at an art action of the a piece beautified with the word ‘ I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit’

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