Latest News About Vortex Profits – Shut down

Latest News About Vortex Profits – Shut down

Vortex profits is in the MLM niche of oil and gold mining. It is more like a peer to peer donation platform. The website, is currently offline as it is no longer loading. The so called MLM website operated largely in Tanzania, Africa.

The latest news about this website now is that the web address is currently undergoing an upgrade of so they say. Many people’s money are trapped in the website and most of them are aggrieved.

The anonymous admins reportedly gave a flash message about the upgrade before going offline. Many participants are saying the scheme will come back online soon. Stay tuned to get updates on this.

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Vortex profit is still down as of today 25th day of February, 2018. However, there are speculations that Vortex profits will come back online next month.

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