Launch Date For Decentralized Exchange built on NEO, Nash Announced

decentralised exchange built on NEO

The launch date of the decentralised exchange built on NEO, Nash, was announced by platform co-founder Fabio C. Canesin. This was during the Sunday afternoon session at Neo DevCon 2019.

Nash’s team are hoping to provide an application that gives users all the convenience of centralized banking or exchange applications deleting the security risks that plague them.

Nash and City of Zion co-founder, Fabio Canesin, during a presentation titled “Distributing Finance for Everyone”, revealed the launch date for the Nash decentralised exchange platform as March 31st, 2019.

This Nash exchange hopes to address the problem of centralized exchanges in crypto. Canesin describes the platform as a “financial platform” for future digital economies.

Nash is a rebrand of the earlier project Neon Exchange (NEX) and it will use the same token in its operation.

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