Layer-two MANA token transfers plans for full migration announced by Decentraland

A major nonfungibel token and gaming title has also announced layer-two integration via The Polygon sidechain after two decentralized finance powerhouses announced theirs.

A token bridge enabling users to move native MANA tokens to Polygon and back. Have been announced by an NFT powered virtual world and video game decentraland. By market cap, MANA is the 80th rated token and has increased to 3750% on the year to $1.01 in one Coingecko.

The  project intends to enable all Decentraland dApps, including their Builder and Marketplace contracts, to conduct transactions on Polygon and this can be described as the first step oin what will be a distinctive larger migration.

In addition to brisk settlement times, the integration will also make all transactions completely free for users. While Polygon normally charges a transaction fee priced at fractions of a cent, Decentraland said that they will also be leveraging meta-transactions. This will enable users to “claim, buy, sell, and trade wearable for their avatars entirely on Polygon, with no transaction fees.”

Finally, the integration will allow users to purchase MANA tokens directly with credit and debit cards via a Polygon integration with crypto on/offramp Transak.

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