Lil Moon Rocket: A Tale of great Innovation

Offering fair and equal access to 13337 tokens representing rare digital vector pop art, Lil Moon Rockets sale is now live. However, out of a total of 272, 160,00 was Lil moon Rockets curated from and it was made feasible through the use of random number generation algorithms designed by the company.

The artwork of Lil Moon Rocket was in the first three weeks of the sale confusing the buyer’s  because they were finding it difficult to know which of them to buy. There is less than two weeks lefty for the artwork and crypto history of which Lil moon will reveal the artwork the customers will actually acquire.

Name Your Rocket (NYR) token, will be claimed by the Lil Moon NFT and artwork owners and these can be utilized to affix a name of the network they choose

Lil Moon Rockets will be stored on the Binance Smart Chart and it is known as BEP-721 NFTs. Customers will need to download Metamask and connect to Binance Smart Chain through Lil moon Rockets website in order to access the sale and the opportunity to own digital artwork with an awesome distribution model

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