Miami is being taken over by CryptoPunks

For one month and starting April 12, over 100 characters from the popular crypto-collectibles project CryptoPunks will be displayed across bus shelters and billboards.

As part of its exhibition, Pixelated which is a month city wide public art exhibition that will take over the streets of Miami for the first time this year and which the showcase will be hosted by non-profit art organization SaveArtSpace.

The notable non-fungible tokens will also be displayed during the event as part of apop-up exhibition of CryptoPunks  and which will be done in alliance with art equipment retailer Blackdove at 69 East 41st St., Miami on April 15. This is in addition to the 96 characters that will be displayed across the city.

The first non-fungibel token projects created on Ethereum having lauched in 2017 is CryptoPunks.

The project mints tokens featuring unique cartoon characters that have varying value depending on the rarity of the features they possess. All 10,000 CryptoPunks were minted when the project launched and were made available to be claimed for free.

The tokens have since exploded in popularity, fetching exorbitant prices, with CryptoPunk 6965, which depicts an ape in a brown hat, selling for 800 Ether (ETH) worth more than $1.5 million in February, and Punk 2890, which depicts a blue alien in a purple hat, selling for 605 ETH worth more than $750,000 in January

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