Mining Capital Coin Review – Login, Register, Contact,

Mining Capital Coin Review – Login, Register, Contact,

Mining Capital Coin has no information on their website about who owns the business.

The Mining Capital Coin website domain was privately registered on January 30th, 2018.

The website claims ‘the company’s office is located in Boston, Mass.‘ The native language of the Mining Capital Coin website is Portuguese.

This means that whoever is running Mining Capital Coin is actually based in Brazil or Portugal.

Mining Capital Coin has no retailable products or services making affiliates only able to market Mining Capital Coin affiliate membership.

Mining Capital Coin Compensation Plan Goes Thus:

Mining Capital Coin affiliates invest $250 to $5000 on the promise of an advertised 52 week ROI.


Silver – invest $250 and receive $60 a month
Gold – invest $500 and receive $120 a month
Premium – invest $1000 and receive $240 a month
Platinum – invest $2000 and receive $480 a month
Diamond – invest $5000 and receive $1200 a month

Note that Mining Capital Coin charge a 3% on all ROI and commission withdrawals.

Each Mining Capital Coin affiliate has to pay a $50 a month fee per active investment package they have.

Mining Capital Coin take these fees and used them to pay residual commissions via a unilevel compensation structure.

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Mining Capital Coin affiliate membership is tied to investment in one or more packages:

  • Silver – $250
  • Gold – $500
  • Premium – $1000
  • Platinum – $2000
  • Diamond – $5000

Packages are valid for 52 weeks.


If Mining Capital Coin is based out of Massachusetts in the US as claimed, they need to register their passive investment opportunity with the SEC.

A search of the SEC’s Edgar database however reveals Mining Capital Coin is not registered. You are hereby advised to invest with caution.

It’s has been an issue of so far so good for Mining Capital Coin.

Today there are many complaints that the Mining Capital Coin Investment scheme is reportedly owing many people with some of the affected persons calling Mining Capital Coin a Scam and a Ponzi Scheme.

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