More Than 6,000 Bitcoin ATMs Now Available Worldwide

Bitcoin ATMs Now Available Worldwide

It is on record that there are now more than 6,000 bitcoin and crypto ATMs available worldwide.

According to data compiled by CoinATMRadar, there have been 6,003 crypto-based ATMs installed worldwide as of November 17th.

The United States is leading in bitcoin ATMs with more than 3,900 machines installed. Canada is second with 653, followed by the United Kingdom with 272 crypto ATM installations.

Bitcoin ATMs have experienced a surge in growth throughout 2019, alongside the rising price of crypto-assets. In September, the total number of crypto ATMs worldwide topped 5,500, marking a 500 percent increase in installations since 2016.

ATMs charge higher fees on transactions up to 15%. They also provide a physical kiosk for the transfer of bitcoin to fiat, and vice-versa.

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