New phishing bot: MetaMask warns users to be careful

New phishing bot: MetaMask warns users to be careful

A new phishing bot that attempts to steal the seed phrases of Crypto wallet provider, has been created and which MetaMask is alerting its users.

Also, information was made available to the MetaMask users, that there are attempts to direct users to a purported instant support portal where they will be asked to input information into Google Docs form.

Also, in order to respawn users, crypto wallets, the from asks for the recovery of secret phrase. Also, urging users to seek support from Get-Help, within the MetaMask app itself to avoid scam, MetaMask said they don’t have Goggle-Docs based support system

MetaMask also encourages users to report scams impersonating the wallet and its services, noting customers can do so in the app.

Despite MetaMask warning its users of the phishing bot, some of its users appear to have already been scammed, with one Twitter user replying: “so there is no way to get back our token right ?”

Due to its popularity, MetaMask is one of the top targets for hackers and scammers. On April 27, the developer behind the wallet, ConsenSys, reported that it had hit a record five million active monthly users.

Phishing attacks are a social engineering technique used by scammers to lure users into completing an action that reveals personal information or account details.

In December 2020, MetaMask detailed a “rotten seed phrase attack”, in which a malicious website mimics the website of the wallet the user is trying to install. The fake website generates a seed phrase that enables the scammers to control the wallet once it has been installed.


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