NFT: digital bazaar making it easier for artists to showcase their NFTs

A digital art bazaar intended to make it easier for independent and amateur artists to showcase and sell their art while offering galleries and collectors an inexpensive venue is been created by a new peer-to-peer marketplace for NFT artwork.

Also, with NFTs going from a niche in the crypto industry to a mainstream medium for works that have been sold at the world’s premier auction houses, garnered prices in the millions and even tens of millions of dollars, and attracted creators ranging from celebrities like recording artist Grimes and NFL star Rob Gronkowski to the famed contemporary artist Damien Hirst  as well as top-selling digital artists like Beeple and Pak, the market for nonfungible tokens exploded in the first few months of 2021.

Both direct sales and dynamic auctions of artwork created as nonfungible tokens, are being supported by the decentralized Polkally platform.  The highly interoperable platform is built on the Polkadot blockchain but compatible with all networks using Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Calling NFTs “the natural evolution of art,” CEO Chloé Bigot said: “Polkally is at the forefront of this great revolution, providing the interoperability and seamless experience that the ecosystem lacks.”


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