NFT of Saturday Night Live Show has been sold as NFT

For 171.99 ETH valued at $360,000 on Opensea yesterday , Saturday Night Live auctioned off their one –on-one  ‘What the hell’s an NFT?’ skit.

The NfT entails two tickets to an episode taping in season 47, but the main bulk of the NFT is a 10-second clip skit, a rap on comedy by Pete Davidson, that breaks down tokenomics.  Yet to relist on secondary market and which he as kept the NFT locked up, Dr Dumpling is  was the highest bidder.

The late night comedy show has donated all of the money gotten from the NFT sale to Stop AAPI Hate, a non-profit reporting center that responds to incidents of Asian related hated, in the face of the escalation in bigotry and xenophobia related to the Covid19 Pandemic. The aforementioned showed that it relates to a good cause.




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