NFTs taking over the world of Sports

Cryptographically distinctive tokens, that can be used to represent digital content, are called Non-fungible tokens.

Currently, myriads of organizations and personalities in sports have launched their own NFTs.

Also, NBA Gonzaga star and prospect, Jalen Suggs is auctioning his new NFT in form of game winning shot against UCLA.

Also, Red Sox Legend, Ted Williams, in baseball auctioned as NFTs, commemoration hall of his fame career. On 19 April.

Furthermore, Carolina Panther Russell Okung and Sean Culkin, Kansa city chief have followed the current trend of crypto industry. NFTs are booming too.

Notably, Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski’s NFTs were released last month. His quarterback, Tom Brady, launched his own NFT platform earlier this month, alongside tech giants like Apple, DraftKings, and Spotify.

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