Non-fungible token: Jack Dorsey Twitter Ceo is selling Twiiter

As a non-fungible token, the twitter CEO in the person of Jack Dorsey has once wanted auctioning twitter.

According the tweet of the CEO, in one of his tweet on 21 March, 2006, he tweeted that he is setting the twitter on sale through the platform valuables.

How as at 8 pm of the same day one of the topmost bids was $88,888.8 ETH and which the auction was to last until the CEO accepts bid.

The highest bidder was to purchase a digital certificate and which was quite distinctive because it has already been verified and signed by the creator. Also, the tweet was to continue to live on twitter. The aforementioned information was made available by Valuable website.

The bid can be done with Ether and the transaction was to take place at the native token of the Ethereumblockchain.




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