Only 100 Days Left Until Bitcoin Becomes More Scarce

Only 100 Days Left Until Bitcoin Becomes More Scarce

The most anticipated crypto event is almost upon us: Bitcoin’s halving. Estimated to take place on May 12, 2020, we are just 100 days away from mining rewards being cut by half. That means Bitcoin is about to get a lot scarcer—and likely more valuable. However, that’s not to say that past halving can’t provide us with some insight on what to expect.

There are many theories floating around on Bitcoin’s halving, but what’s certain is that we will see some serious volatility in the coming year.

As a millennial,  if you do not possess a bitcoin now you have already started loosing out. The financial system of the world is changing and you have to key in now to avoid being left out. Crypto is the future and the future is crypto.

Bitcoin as the foremost cryptocurrency has recorded an unmeasured amount of success even more than the one recorded by the Internet.

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