Payplux Review – Login, How it works, App, Buy Bitcoin Ghana, Rate

Payplux Review – Login, How it works, App, Buy Bitcoin Ghana, Rate

Payplux is a platform for E currency exchange which is based and operates mostly in Ghana. Payplux however claims to serve the whole of Africa. Payplux domain, was privately registered on the 15th day of November, 2012.

According to, “We are one of the largest traders in Ghana providing services to large companies as well as to any client wishing to exchange a small amount. Our customers have always up-to-date information about their orders thanks to our order-tracking facility.

We are the only company offering flexible market rates for e-Currencies to our exchangers and we plan to expand flexible market rates to bank-to-ecurrency and ecurrency-to-bank exchanges, so that lowest rates are guaranteed at all times. We are also adopting digital signing procedures.

PayPlux is dedicated to becoming the industry leader in e-Currencies, payment solutions and related services for companies and individuals in Ghana and Nigeria.

PayPlux is built on the principles of credibility and security.”

However many people have bought and sold Ecurrency to Payplux and there are no negative complaints about the website yet. The website has also stood the test of time having stayed for 7 years plus online.

How to BUY from PayPlux

  1. Log into your PayPlux Account
    (if you don’t have one then please create one at
  2. Click Buy Now
  3. Select the e-Currency you want to buy from us
  4. Select your Payment Method
  5. Click Proceed to Buy
  6. Complete the form wizard
  7. Follow the Instructions on the order confirmation page or continue to Step 2 below

After placing the order, the next thing to do is to make payment. You can use any of the preferred payment method below.

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MTN Mobile Money Instructions
Tigo Cash Instructions
Vodafone Cash Instructions
Airtel Money Instructions

Payplux does not work on Sundays. You can signup and use payplux and get to know more about its app by clicking the link below


Notify us about the things happening in Payplux using [email protected] 

Payplux operates largely in Ghana and its environs. With the huge success recorded by Cryptocurrencies Payplux has turned into a mega exchange which might even act like a crypto bank in the nearest future.

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