PolkaFoundry the Solution to DeFi Developers

Developers who are interested in creating DeFi apps, are being offered services by myriads of companies. However. PolkaFoundry is one of the Companies that provides versatile and complex platform that be used by professional and freelance developers.

The Polkafoundry platform is a single-stop solution for the application developing needs (DeFi).

There is no central entity governing DeFi applications and the DeFi app is inherited from decentralized blockchain. Operational security is guaranteed by the underlying smart contracts, which is based on the interaction between two or more parties that are more transparent and advanced. The aforementioned is the reason why DeFi is accepted by people as a competitor to trading finance offering and a great alternative.

Introduced in 2019, the future is huge for DeFi application. Defi application themselves have many use cases for the masses, as well as their development frameworks, provide greater flexibility for the ever-increasing number of blockchain developers. A few benefits that ensure a progressive market for these applications in the future are:

  1. Accessible to nearly anyone with an internet connection
  2. DeFi is automated and reliable.
  • No geographical restrictions.
  1. No KYC required.
  2. No centralized entity
  3. Can create massive ROI for investor

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