‘Regulations Can’t Stop People From Buying Crypto’ – Andrew Yang

Regulations Can’t Stop People From Buying Crypto

According to Andrew Yang, who is running for the 2020 US Presidency, the country needs to provide more clarity on cryptocurrency regulations and come up with a uniform set of rules that would govern the industry.

However, he ultimately thinks that regulators wouldn’t be able to stop people from buying Crypto. Yang also mentioned that he believes the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, has a “very very high potential” and that they should be investing in it.

If Yang eventually becomes president and continues promoting cryptocurrency as he is doing now, many countries will not have an option but to adopt cryptocurrencies and the spreading Blockchain technology. Since the launch of Bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies have sprung up and are really performing greatly in the Cryptocurrency market.

Also the Blockchain technology Development is now a major sort after course and employment opportunities in Developed countries according to LinkedIn

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