Remain Vigilant on Crypto-Singapore PM

Remain Vigilant on Crypto-Singapore PM

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong has alienated himself from the token sold in his name on twitter by explicitly saying that it is misleading and done without his permission and that he has nothing to do with platform.

Using information from the twitter of the Prime Minister, an impostor has taken to  twitter to set up a soial token platform, BitClout, to sell tokens, with information of the Prime Minister.

Remain vigilant when  dealing with cryptocurrency platforms as admonished by the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee. He further said that with his twitter account bio and photo that some one has created a one of the platform’s creator coin using BitClout.

There were 27.4088 of his tokens with a market capitalization of more than $9,800, with at least one user holding $4.77 worth, according to the screenshots of the Prime minister.

He added:

“The site’s creators are anonymous, but I have sent an open tweet out to ask that my name and photo be removed from the site immediately, as I have nothing to do with the platform. It is misleading and done without my permission.”


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