Ripple Now In Top 100 Cross-Border Payment Companies

Ripple Cross-Border Payment Companies

Blockchain company Ripple has been admitted as one of the most prominent players in the cross-border payments industry. According to financial data company FXCintelligence, Ripple has become one of the top 100 cross-border payments companies in 2020. Ripple is the only crypto-related company that made it to the top 100. The list was divided into several sections that feature the world’s biggest banks as well as large publicly traded companies such as Visa and PayPal.

There is no doubt that crypto related activities is expanding and taking more grounds around the globe which is making more Central Banks want to adopt a digital currency. Today Ripple is in the top 100 cross-border payment companies – this is how many other crypto and blockchain companies are topping the table in their various industries.

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