Ripple’s Suit: The U.S Crypto Industry at Stake

In the recent article written by Roslyn Layton, as regards to the U.S Securities and Ripples, it has been opined that it is  unfortunate way the U.S Securities has handled the case of Ripples is not in tandem with good conscience.

She submitted that case file against Ripples has raised myriads of suspicion, because taking into account the time the case was filed , it was filed at the final hours of the exit of the former chairman, in the person of Jay Clayton  and that the cascades of filling makes it coherent that the decision to sue Ripples was not inappropriate.

Furthermore, Layton posited further, that if  U.S securities is not checked as regards to this Ripples suit that not only the US crypto industry as stake but the unchecked arrogance of the U.S regulators making policy through enforcement ought to be appraised and that how many investors that is harmed by the disturbing  attitude of SEC is not the concern of SEC, which is an aberration, because they have made it clear that they are not concerned about that and is like stretching authority beyond what it should be and which is absurd.

Ripples has been speaking about the Stifling innovation of U.S SEC and suggesting how to move their business to a place other than the United States of America  to a crypto friendly country and which was the time the suit against them by SEC came.

A handful of American partners of Ripple have distanced themselves and currently is that Moneygram is calling off its partnership with the Blockchain startup.

Happily, Ripples business is still waxing stronger in the Asian-pacific region.



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