Safemoon develops a Protocol that generates liquidity

Safemoon develops a Protocol that generates liquidity

Safemoon has opined that with the protocol that generates liquidity and reward its loyal users, that they are not going as far as popular crypto Youtuber Lark Davies  and say it is a Ponzi Scheme  and but  there are incentives and which will enlighten the users if the initial growth that has been termed inexplicable.

Still, this is pure speculation. Time will tell. We encourage all readers to perform their own research and make decisions accordingly, in any case.

Right now, the company is raising money to build its own exchange. At the time of writing, the fundraiser is at $773,906.37 out of the $1,000,000 USD they need. The plan is for this new exchange to have similar rules to the token, that is: it’ll benefit the holders and people who bring liquidity and punish the sellers.

They’ve also talked about an NFT platform of some kind and multiple charity projects.

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