Solible set to migrate to Serum Dex via NFT Market

The solible market place is briding the new craze to the Solana ecosystem with the current volumes in the Non-fungible token.

The news is everywhere that the in order to allow the users of Solana ecosystem to trade in the myriads of the Solana collectibles, the Non-fungible token market place solible intends to migrate to the decentralized exchange (DEX) , Serum (SRM).

Flowing from the preceding paragraph, it will permit the selling and buying of Solible’s NFT’s by participants in a completely decentralized manner. Also, the features of the Solible that are open already, are made accessible to the participants of SOL.  The aforementioned entails the ability to list NFTs that are customized and easily create same.

There are already auctions that are in progress that are quite interesting, for instance, the painting of the popularly known breed of Shiba Inu Dog, which was made famous through crypto , Dogecoin and is which  is at a bid of 500 USDC.

Finally, the Solible NFTs are quite redeemable and of which the users have the ability to pay in USDC and FROM or the native token of Serum, SRM . Solible was debuted last year and which was debuted when NFT was booming.




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