A new blockchain game offering something special for the last player standing

Enabling devoted gamers to earn recognition for their skills and combat cred, an immersive blockchain game where players vie to collect Immortal Shards has announced the launch of play-to-earn elements.

Emerging above a character’s head, HodlGod’s new feature means that an array of nonfungible tokens and raffle tickets will be dropped randomly in the middle of gameplay. One need to survive until the end of the game in order for them to be truly yours, however, collecting these NFTs isn’t enough.

This approach is set to make playing HodlGod even more competitive than it was before — not least because other players can also see where these NFTs have landed, and who has them. It’ll take true grit, skill, and determination to emerge as the last player standing.

According to Onessus, the developers behind this game, each lobby has a 30% chance of being dropped a silver key, otherwise known as an NFT raffle ticket. Meanwhile, there’s a 10% chance of a golden bar emerging.

Based on the WAX blockchain, another new innovation comes in the form of the NFT-Fi ecosystem, a place where the distinctive tokens that gamers collect can be lent, burnt, staked and upgraded. All of this can open the door to higher-level NFTs that are even more scarce, giving players an all-important upper hand over their rivals.


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