Sports and Entertainment to be changed by IQONIQ

The IQONIQ app is framed to address the issues faced by myriads of organization such as multitude of social platforms, online stores, ticket portals, content offerings that fail to reward loyalty. The whole sports and entertainment ecosystem will gain and have value from the IQONIQ app and this ranges from idols, right holders and brands to fans themselves.

The world of possibilities is really endless, when IQQ holders use their tokens to fasten their benefits in the app.

Combined with the large arrays of partners it has already and also bringing the modern day features of fandom under one roof, the IQONIQ app will be all-encompassing, global leading and will truly engage fans from an experienced platform.

IQONIQ will expands its community with the listing of IQQ on Bittrex Global and with more exchanges that are planned to be launched later this month. With the listing of IQQ, fans all over the world will have easy access, including those that want to become members of the community and those that needs to enjoy awesome fan experience, can go to Bittrex Global to trade IQQ.




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