Story behind the World’s most expensive digital art and non-fungible token-Beeple

Every day’s- the first 5000 days with the recent rage of crypto town, which is non-fungible token and the aforementioned is made by Beeple, whose main name is Mike Winkelmann  and which have been sold for a mind blowing  $69 million. All the images done by Beeple are in the Artwork, which is being posted online, since 2007.

A graphic designer from Charleston, South Carolina and have done various of digital artwork, which includes creative commons, VJ loops , short films and VR/AR work.

It is pertinent to state that for a couple of years in the Crypto world, Non-fungible tokens have been in the world of Crypto. The use of NFTs by Sports club as a form of fan token has prompted celebrities and artists to follow same suit.

Nevertheless, plethora of persons outside the Crypto space are still trying to understand the rationale behind spending millions o on a JPG file, myriads of Crypto proponents are geared towards the absurd art world which has brought millions from well-known artist.

These days, artwork that are digital are collectible in same way as physical ones, especially in this era of high value of NFTs. Converting a digital artwork in a non-fungible token and putting same on a blockchain is a distinctive and the only piece, despite some people positing that the artwork can be downloaded. But it is apposite to mention is that not merely downloading the work, but only the original buyer have access to the real work , because the work is authenticated by blockchain.

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