Strategic Meme Group puts Trump’s tweet on NFT for 4.5 ETH

In order to raise money for charities, a group of anonymous students  has come up with has formulated a way to get at the former President of United States of America Donald Trump, by using his tweets against him. It is believed that the former president hates work of charity, so the anonymous students are using it against him.

As recorded by Trump Twitter Archive, Strategic Meme Group Incorporated has built a website, to sell Trump’s tweets.  Also, outside of  fact that the Twitter platform is dubious to non-existent, there’s no digital certificate of authenticity and the legal status of “ownership” of Tweets.

For 4.5 ETH each, one hundred of Trump’s most infamous tweets were staked. While regular missives from the former Leader of the Free World change hands for 0.0232 Ether.

The money raised from the sale of the tweets, around 97% will be donated to Americas, Clean Air Task Force, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Doctors Without Borders, and NAACP, while the rest will fund overheads. Drumpfs can be resold on secondary platforms.

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