Telegram Group Peoples Dream, Whatsapp, Facebook, How it works

Telegram Group Peoples Dream, Whatsapp, Facebook, How it works

Peoples Dream is not a donation network or an online stokvel. Peoples Dream is a Digital Currency where money is generated from the purchase of coins the coins appreciate or depreciate in value when people buy and sell coins … this is according to Peoples Dream official website,

Peoplesdream registered it’s domain on the 25th day of August, 2017. It has a referral program and pays 10% Bonus per friend.

Coins in peoples dream holds a value of P100 per coin. To be guilder in peoples dream, you must have at least 200 referral to Peoples Dream, you will attend the short courses and if you pass the exams you will officially become a Peoples Dream GUIDER.

If you want to join peopelsdream Telegram group, click link below.


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Please also use the Live chat box herein to chat with real people to get a possible solution to your problem. Email [email protected] to report anything.

We are still watching this scheme closely. Stay tuned to get updates on how scam free it is.

Update – It’s been a story of so far so good for peoples Dream. Peoples Dream is currently still trending in South Africa. Many people are still investing but you are advised to do proper research before investing.

Do not send money to anybody in a group telling you to send money to help you process anything.

There are reports that Peoples Dream is defaulting in payments. Stay tuned while we investigate this and reveal the true situation of things…

Be mindful of the groups you join, some of them are headed by fraudsters. Remember not to send money to anybody to help you do anything.

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