Ternio BlockCard Demo

Ternio BlockCard Demo

The Ternio group has been occupied with building Dictionary and we have marked considerably more accomplices for our pilot test not long from now! We have likewise put a ton of exertion into The BlockCard™ – a physical check card that enables BlockCard individuals to spend their BTC, ETH, XLM, or TERN anyplace Mastercards are acknowledged. The BlockCard™ will help drive standard reception of digital money and we’re eager to share our first model!

BiBox Vote Cycle Two – 2.5 Million TERN up for gets to Ternio voters!

Bibox Trade propelled another voting survey on August seventeenth for the following 3 tokens to be recorded on their stage. Ternio is one of the 10 qualified undertakings who can vie for a posting!

Voters will get 2,500,000 TERN tokens for Each 1,000,000 Votes in favor of TERNIO on BiBox. Voters will just get Airdrop TERN tokens if Ternio completes in third place or higher. Full points of interest are accessible on the Ternio Blog.

Watch Ternio BlockCard Demo below:

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