The Crypto Business in Belarus may be regulated by Belarus Tech Innovation Zone

The Deputy Prime Minster of Belarus, in the person of Nikolai Snopkov has posited that Belarus Hi-Tech Park Administration is the best authority to regulate the crypto market in the country. m

The Hi-Tech Park Administration has been nominated by the Government of Belarus, as a supervisory authority for local crypto exchanges and digital token and which was announced by Nikolai Snopkov. On 16th March.

The Belarus government is looking for an appropriate agency of government to supervise the local crypto platforms, in tandem with the pan-European rules.  And the most proficient and with the expertise to do the work is HTP Administration.

Snopkov poited that he is assuring the people of Belarus that the digital technology will always be harnessed in plethora of ways by HTP Administration and of which the country will be promoted through their expertise within the global network of crypto exchanges and digital token.

The aims of Belarus HTP  is to aid in the growth of the technology sector in the country and it is a special legal and tax regime in Belarus.



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