The digital market will be supercharged with the two IQONIQ Businesses

To ensure that the best possible solution is made available to IQQ holder, app users and partners, IQONIQ has divided its businesses into two. Also, there is an awesome list of over 100 global sports property alliance in Cricket, Rugby, Formula E, F1 and so many others and recently, there about negotiations are ongoing of about two hundred partners.

Exclusive contents, ticket shops, merchandise, memorabilia, prizes, AR and OTT platforms will be accessed.  The aforementioned could be accessed either via granting exclusive access to certain in-app elements or by in-app loyalty points being supercharged and which the fans will be rewarded for their engagement and loyalty.

Speaking about the listing, IQONIQ CEO Kazim Atilla said the following:

“We’re delighted to have reached this milestone for not just IQONIQ, but for the industry as a whole. The IQQ Token will revolutionize the ways people are rewarded for their loyalty when used within the IQONIQ App which is set to launch this year. We already have a huge list of incredible partnerships with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment today, and listing on Bittrex Global provides us with the perfect platform to make IQQ Tokens available for everyone.”

As a central element to Atilla’s original vision for IQONIQ’s app business and token, there are more to digital collectibles. These digital collectibles have been identified in recent times as NFTs will now be available on the app of IQONIQ which opens diverse opportunities, can also be, minted and also reveals how IQQ and IQONIQ app provides an awesome future ahead.



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