The Latest SafeMoon’s AMA was a Train Wreck

The transmission of SafeMoon that was titled “Miami Crypto Experience 2021 Edition,” have been described as a hoax. It has been said that with the promised exciting announcements and new developments, but it was not properly explained and even as ‘DeFi was hungry for honesty’.

In the Safemoon transmission, moderator was absent and as a platform event Twitch was used and there was no proper introduction of the people on the Panel and the show’s main guest was played by the company’s CEO.

You can catch the rerun of this live event here. If you’re not familiar with SafeMoon and their incredible month, read this article first.  If you already know about them, let’s cut to the chase and answer this question.

They started with amazing facts: the website is receiving a million visitors a day, and two million yesterday. They are hosting a hackathon in the Miami event. The objective is to create a multi-chain or cross-chain NFT wallet. Over 100 teams are competing. Nevertheless, SafeMoon couldn’t announce the prizes just yet. This lack of transparency was the leitmotif of the night.

Then, instead of answering questions, Thomas started introducing the people around him. A person who’s going to be their NFT consultant was there. He talked about a customized Porshe. He discussed an NFT for the song “Hate it or Love it,” which Cool & Dre produced for The Game and 50 Cent. An artist showed his NFT scratchers. Scratch away and you get a code with which you can reclaim a free NFT.

The CEO of the Mandala Exchange was there. Apparently, they’re going to list SafeMoon’s token.  According to John. there were fifty thousand people watching at this point. In the chatroom, everyone was complaining about their lack of professionalism and asking if Binance was going to list the token.

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