Three North American Ethereum ETFs approved in one day

Three North American Ethereum ETFs approved in one day

The Investors in Canada will soon have varieties to choose in order to gain exposure to Ethereum (ETH) through an ETF as regulators have approved three different Ethereum ETFs in a single day. Though to gain such exposure may be a difficult task for those at the US-Canada border.

Purpose Investments, Evolve ETFs, and CI Global Asset Management were all approved by Canadian regulators to launch Ethereum-backed ETFs today. The ETFs will be the first ETH ETFs in North America, and among the first in the world.

Some observers noted that all three being approved at once may have been part an effort not to give Purpose an “unfair advantage”. Purpose appeared to gain an edge after the launch of the wildly popular Purpose Investments ETF, the first North American Bitcoin ETF which quickly swelled to $1.3 billion in AUM while competitors waited for approval. Rival Evolve Fund Group’s Bitcoin ETF only managed to attract $100 million in AUM, despite launching only two days later than Purpose and offering 25% less management fees.

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