Tokenization to be done through Security tokens- Adrian

Through Security token offerings was he means, tokenization was previously done.

Also, as tokenizing assets with DeFi could make tokenization more accessible for everyone, Adrian believes that this will change due to DeFi.

According to Adrian:

“While security tokens are backed by real-world assets and their ownership is legally recognized, the liquidity of security tokens can vary, and we’ve seen in many cases that when security token owners want to sell their holdings, they may not be able to execute the trade at the best price.”

Lai believes that the maturation of DeFi and tokenization of real-world assets via DeFi protocols will have more potential than using the traditional security token offering model: “Tokenizing assets in a decentralized fashion opens up much greater liquidity for asset owners. At the same time, it gives real-world assets exposure to all of DeFi’s users.”

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